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Making Meatloaf New Again

Meatloaf is often referred to as a "classic" dish because of its popularity when our grandparents and parents were younger.  In reality, the only truly classic part of meatloaf is that it is made with meat shaped into a loaf form. 

It seems as if almost every family has its own classic meatloaf when it come to recipes.  In a time when all recipes seemed simple, meatloaf was ground beef, bread crumbs, maybe an egg, all with ketchup on top.  In recent years, recipes have taken a turn to healthier versions by using leaner forms of meat like turkey or even 90% lean beef. 

Vegetables are making a bigger show in meatloaf than in previous years.  Carrots, thinly sliced or grated are a great addition as well as grated squashes, spinach, other greens, and even jalapenos.

The sauce for the top of meatloaves has also undergone quite a metamorphosis from basic ketchup poured over the top to honey mustard, fruit glazes, gourmet barbecue sauces, and I've even see bacon topped meatloaves.

One other big change is our "classic" meatloaf is what's in the center.  Gone is the boring "same all the way through" meatloaf.  Now we're seeing different cheeses, vegetables, and even different meats in the middle of our classic meatloaf.

Although classic seems to imply the same old boring meatloaf, this dish has changed over time to remain a stylish family favorite.  So if your meatloaf recipe is stuck in a rut, try adding one new ingredients or a new topping and see how it can be a new meal in the eyes (and stomachs) of your entire family.