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Why Is It Important to Use a Meat Thermometer When Cooking?

Meat thermometers insure meat, poultry, egg dishes and casseroles are cooked thoroughly to help avoid food borne illnesses.  Meat doneness charts are very helpful in determining the proper cooking temperature of a dish.

A meat thermometer should be placed in the thickest part of the meat at a slight angle.  Make sure the cooking thermometer is not close to a bone or fat because they will both cause meat thermometers to read an inaccurate temperature.

There are 2 types of meat thermometers that are most common - oven proof thermometer or instant read thermometer.  The oven proof thermometer can be left inside the meat while cooking.  An instant meat thermometer is used to test the meat outside of the oven and then removed for cooking.

Meat thermometers come in all price ranges and all types of models.  There are digital meat thermometers and even some wireless meat thermometers.  My personal favorite is a digital meat thermometer with a magnet that will attach the thermometer to the outside of the oven.

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