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Low Carb Meatloaf Minis Recipe

This is the greatest little low carb meatloaf that I have been able to make.  I really like the muffin pan portions.  These can be frozen and then microwaved for an easy low carb meal or  snack.  These mini meatloaves certainly make losing weight a great deal more enjoyable.

Low Carb Meatloaf Recipe Ingredients

•  2 pounds ground chuck
• 1 cup chopped fresh spinach
• 1 cup chopped tomatoes
• 4 oz. blue cheese (or feta)
•  2 scallions, minced fine
• 1 teaspoon dried thyme
• salt and pepper to taste

Low Carb Meatloaf Recipe Directions

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl.  Divide mixture into six equal parts.  Place the mixture into an ungreased 6 cup cupcake pan.  Bake at 350 degrees until an internal temperature of 160 degrees is reached.

Remove low carb meatloaf minis from the oven and let cool for 5 minutes in the pan.  Remove from pan and serve or cool completely to wrap for freezing.

  Cook's Note:

So many people today are concerned that they have to sacrifice good food if they want to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle.  I personally believe that you can have both.  This low carb meatloaf is mindful of your carbohydrate intake while being delicious. 

The normal bread crumb additions to meatloaf are replaced with cheese and veggies that add a lot of flavor.  I've made these as a mini meatloaf recipe so it will be easier to manage your portions.  If you prefer, you can make the recipe as one meatloaf in a baking dish.  Remember that it will take longer to bake than the mini meatloaf so plan accordingly.